Greetings ! Welcome to the South Asian Primate Network, SAPN. SAPN is the South Asian Network of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group. This network had its genesis in the 2002 South Asian Primate CAMP, where it was suggested by participants that Zoo Outreach Organization take this on in the same manner of its other taxon networks in South Asia (invertebrate, amphibian, reptile, bat, rodent, education, etc.). South Asia is the region of Asia consisting of Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Zoo Outreach Organization (Z.O.O.), and Wildlife Information Liaison Development (W.I.L.D.) have strong links to several very helpful organizations, such as the Conservation Planning Specialist Group (CPSG), the Reintroduction Specialist Group (RSG), the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), the South Asian Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation (SAZARC), the International Zoo Educator Association (IZE) and its ZOO's Educator Network (ZEN) and other partners in the zoo, wildlife and environmental community. Through this website you will be able to see how we use our relationships with these and other partners to better promote primate conservation, welfare and education. Also ZOO and WILD have an amazing team of dedicated specialists and enthusiasts working in technical, academic, administrative and creative areas. ZOO & WILD have developed a data base which includes the taxa we have assessed in CAMP workshops. It is called TTMS Threatened Taxa Monitoring System and has all our data of the taxa that we assessed.

Essentially the networks as conceived by ZOO & WILD over the years bring a systematic administration to the collection of selected taxon specialists in the region so they can work more effectively together. In our other networks, we have had to start from the beginning as little was known of amphibian, reptile, invertebrate, bat and rodent conservation researchers. The primate specialists are well known, thanks to Ardith Eudey, S. M. Mohnot, Wolf Dittus, Anwarul Islam, Mukesh Chalise, Mewa Singh, Ajith Kumar and many others' hard work in promoting primate studies.

We consider all primate researchers as members of the network which helps us integrate and communicate with the whole South Asia region. Enthusiasts (welfare specialists who particularly like primates, educators who are more interested in primates, etc.) are also welcome to interact with this group. This network, now 3 years old, is an official part of the new administrative set up of PSG.

The PSG SAPN's most recent project is this web site being launched in December 2006. We have been working with ZOO, WILD, ZEN, US Fish and Wildlife Service USFWS on a new teaching programme which highlights South Asia's Critically endangered Hoolock Gibbon (Hoolock hoolock), one of PSG's 25 Most Endangered Primates. Some other irons we have in the fire are listed on side bars.

We maintain a Directory of members. If you are primate biologist your name is probably already there, but if you have not officially joined the network we do not have your professional profile or your published articles. Please click here email to or or for a web-friendly form, fill it and send it. If you have pdf copies of your primate publications, please send them or give us links to them if they are already on other site. We hope you will enjoy this website and contribute to our keeping current by sending links to your site, your papers & news.

With best wishes,
Sally Walker, Sanjay Molur and the ZOO Crew